The tragic death of a young man on Philopappos Hill in Athens, reminds us in the most dramatic manner that without security there can be no liberty. Without security, life is imperiled. There is only fear and, unfortunately, death.

That rule was confirmed in the heart of the capital. It is confirmed in areas that ought to be teeming with life, but where death lurks, and in areas suitable for walks and chosen by visitors for their history or for their exhibits.

Philopappos Hill and the Archaeological Museum have been transformed into theatres of petty or bigger crimes.

These are not merely images that are not fit for a European capital or a state with the rule of law.

It is a daily reality in which the greatest good – that of life – is threatened and placed in immediate danger.

It is inconceivable for a stroll to end in tragedy. It is beyond any logic for a visit to be transformed into a nightmare.

It is impermissible for a state to be absent, to show that it is indifferent about security – which is to say the freedom and life of citizens – despite the constant reports about the gangs that that ravage the area.

Indifference, imbecility, and negligence were once again the cause for a life to be lost.

The cry of the mother, in a letter to the prime minister – over the unjust death of her son, must absolutely be heard by  those in charge.

It must shake consciences.