In announcing state assistance for the victims of the deadly Eastern Attica wildfire, the government offered assurances that the aid would not be subject to seizure due to debts to the state.

However, some of the beneficiaries have charged that part of the sum was seized to cover back taxes.

Specifically, in the case Thanos Kazakidis, whose home in Mati burned down on 23 July, the 5,000 euro benefit was deposited by the state in his bank account on 6 August.

As Kazakidis told ANT1 television, when he went to the bank to make a 1,200 euro withdrawal, he discovered that the remaining 3,800 euros had been seized by the state to cover back taxes.

Kazakidis said he visited the bank several times to clear up the situation, but that he could not find a solution, despite the government’s clear commitment.

Kazakidis said the sum was seized because he owed 4,500 euros in ENFIA real estate taxes, on his house that was destroyed.