There are natural disasters in which humans and the environment remain entirely unprotected.
Yet, there are also natural disasters that can now be avoided. There are natural disasters in response to which humans will not be endangered and the environment can be protected to a large degree.
The wildfires that plague our country every year belong mainly to the second category of natural disasters, or rather they should have if the preventive measures were taken in a timely manner, if there were an anti-fire plan, and if Fire Service forces were adequately equipped.
Unfortunately, these conditions do not exist. As Ta Nea’s report reveals, fire trucks are old and not properly serviced, and the personal equipment of firefighters is worn.
Firefighters must spend 150 euros out of pocket to ensure their basic protection. It is indicative that 250 fire trucks are 40 years old.
A state that remains wasteful despite the crisis cannot be permitted to leave people and the environment to their own devices.
It is impermissible for firemen and citizens to be endangered, with their properties burning down, and to lose the country’s greatest wealth, its natural environment.

August is the month of a pre-announced battle.Unfortunately, the battle began with a defeat, which does not bode well for the future.

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