In democracy planning the elections is fair. What is not that fair, though, is when the planning includes not one, not two, but three ballots, rolling dates and changing polling places. Things of which is depended the stability and quality of elections. In other words, the democratic game needs fair rules.

In any case, those moves show one thing and one only; the government gets the country into a pre- election era, an era of which we detect the beginning, but we don't now the end. They also show that the government tries to take by surprise the opposing parties in any possible way and that on the surprises the government has in mind is included the date of the elections. What does it mean? That, even if the governmental actions lead to multiple elections in spring to 2019 , it is not out of the question that national elections might be announced much earlier.

But just like other governments focused on the element of surprise, thus this government tries in vain. It spends time on a political game of which expects electoral benefit, forgetting the fact that voters express themselves with one way and one only; this positive or negative vote about governmental achievements. Unfortunately for government, this thing does not change, either you have three or you have twenty three polls. For voters, there is only one reality.

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