In over eight years of economic crisis, Greek society has had a rough landing into reality, unfortunately paying a very high price.
It is a fall from the clouds, for which society bears the lesser share of responsibility. The responsibility lies largely with the political establishment, which purposely deceived citizens, sometimes less and often more, in order to grab their votes.
The SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government is not the first to resort to such tactics. But it should be the last. We know by now that illusions cost dearly.
It would be a disastrous error to cultivate the illusion that the end of the bailout programme in August signals a return to the normalcy of the pre-memorandum era.
It should be understood by both political parties and citizens that what follows is strict surveillance, of the kind that no other bailout country has experienced in its post-memorandum period, regardless of whatever debt arrangement.
Only being constantly in touch with reality can protect us from unpleasant surprises and new rough landings.
We must understand that we are not at the end of the adventure, that nothing is over, that we are treading on a tightrope, and that very careful steps are needed.

Greek citizens do not deserve to go through another denial, such as the one they experienced in the summer of 2015.
Governments are not allowed to rule with illusions.