The world, to recall the famous verse of T.S. Eliot, does not end with a bang.

Expanding upon that, one might say that it comes gradually, the result of an accumulation of many negative circumstances.

Unfortunately for our country, one sees such a negative accumulation, both domestically and in its foreign relations.
Essentially, one is dealing with a dual danger, one domestic and the other foreign, a fact that increases the danger exponentially.

In foreign affairs, the prime minister appears to have ceded the setting of national policy and the management of Greek-Turkish relations to the nationalist right, as represented by his defence minister.

The prime minister looks on from the sidelines, as his ruling coalition partner plays, for purely electoral reasons, the game of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey. The defence minister pours fuel in the fire that the Turkish leadership is trying to light, and continues to exploit patriotic sentiment.

Aside from this out-of-control minister, citizens are witnessing another minister who has allowed criminal activity to spin out of control. From the sidelines, once again, the prime minister placidly listens to him say essentially that he can do nothing to combat crime, because “the world is not angelically created”.

In the name of this inconceivable approach, which reflects its inability to fulfil on of its basic missions – the protection of life and property – the government has placed society in a state of general insecurity.

Everyone knows that the mixture of these destructive phenomena is explosive. One can only wonder why the government does not appear to understand this.

It does not realise that irresponsible rhetoric and weak actions can bring a disaster, which would take the country decades to overcome.