The current government has unfortunately proven many times that its self-proclaimed moral advantage was nothing more than demagogic nonsense. Each time a dubious action is taken, a gravestone covers the supposed advantage.

Yet, it seems that the gravestones are endless, as is evidenced in a tailor-made law that exempts Bank of Greece employees from the steep pension cuts for retirees who continue to work elsewhere.

This exemption reveals the value system of the left-wing government.

Are some pensioners more equal than others, than those of the IKA Social Security Foundation and of the freelance professionals insured by TEVE?

Worst of all is the fact that the bias in favour of the Bank of Greece just happens to benefit a SYRIZA MP who worked there.

Such a law would have been unacceptable at any time, but under the current financial circumstances it is outrageous, as the favoured MP and his colleagues have slashed the pensions of others, and already have vote for further pension cuts, which will be implemented in 2019.

When the current government came to power, many imagined, or wanted to believe, that its moral advantage would be the instrument that would introduce a different style and ethos of governance.

In fact, it was nothing more than a vehicle for personal gain. The MP who can rest assured that his pension will not be cut is just the latest example, but there is no indication that there will not be others, that there will be no more perks and gravestones.