The last thing the country needs at this point is a toxic climate in public life, which will effectively undermine every effort towards economic recovery.

Obviously, one cannot return to a fundamental state of normalcy when those who are responsible for directing the country’s political life, the government and the main opposition party, labour under conditions of polarisation. There can be no calm in an environment of division.

Despite that, the political accusers are determined to push matters to extremes, essentially dragging along the accused.

The reasons for this are obvious. The only horizon that the government sees ahead is that of elections. It is behaving as if there is no day after for the country, as if the sacrifices of citizens were insignificant, as if nothing is more important than its own political survival. It seems to believe, with a view to elections, that the last card in its hands is polarisation.

This is a short-sighted strategy, with dubious gains and certain losses.

The losers are the political system itself, which under such circumstances loses its last shred of credibility, the citizenry, and the country, which has been racked by economic crisis for nearly nine years.

Exiting the crisis should have been a battle to the finish, for all involved. Instead, it seems that it will be waged for the wrong reasons.

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