In one way or another, the pandemic over the last two years has affected the daily lives of all citizens.

The need to return to normalcy is more urgent than ever, as fatigue and the protracted emergency situation has had an impact on the basic indices of the state and on the psychology of the entire population.

Despite the fact that the daily number of deaths remains high, most epidemiologists agree that we are near the end of this painful adventure and that soon we shall be able to look to the future with greater optimism.

Even as we near the end, of course, the effort to transcend the pandemic must continue intensively, as the last turn is as important as the previous ones.

Complacency is unacceptable. Neither the state nor citizens can let up in the battle against COVID-19, even if the light at the end of the tunnel is growing stronger.

All the efforts made over the last two years could be lost at the last moment due to a mistaken calculation or improper handling.

It is imperative for us to be even more careful in the coming days, so as not to lose what we have so long struggled to achieve

The sacrifices that we have all made must not be lost. Neither the economy nor society can withstand a backpedaling at a time that European countries one after the other are “opening” once again.

To follow their example, we shall need more patience and dedication.