When confronted with big decisions, sometimes governments are forced to put on the back burner the problems of daily life.

Citizens, however, must still manage their daily lives with any means they have, which are paltry in times of crisis, and the government has a duty to assist them.

One of the greatest challenges is to confront inflation, combined with the energy crisis and the higher prices with which households will be burdened in the immediate future.

There is no choice but to win.

Inflation is not an issue that is fertile ground for opposition populism, nor is it a problem of the few that is not of concern to the PM’s office.

Inflation, either in basic goods or energy, creates a chain reaction of repercussions in the entire economy, decreasing consumption, and aggravating the situation for already burdened businesses.

Without proper attention, the price explosion will continue in the immediate future, making things tougher for most families, in the midst of a pandemic.

The last report of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (HELSTAT) showed that it is difficult for one in three families to cover its basic needs.

The alarm bell of daily life is urgently ringing.

Inflation will be of crucial importance this year and will concern citizens just as much as the pandemic, and the problem must be handled with that in mind.

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