Is there a true dilemma or contradiction between state responsibility and individual responsibility?

The state right now is offering adult citizens of all ages the opportunity to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine of their choice. It is doing what it should, despite delays, without reservation.

Do citizens know what they should? The number of vaccination appointments indicates that, unavoidably, we shall all have to be exceptionally cautious for yet another summer.

The way one approaches the unvaccinated is extremely important in determining the course of the pandemic.

The fourth wave of the pandemic is not a bugbear that parents use to persuade their children to eat. It is a real prospect for autumn as the COVID-19 Delta variant is spreading to more and more countries in Europe and is expected to be the predominant variant in Greece in the near future.

For better or for worse, the government cannot force anybody to be vaccinated. It must persuade and make people understand the danger to themselves and to others around them.

As outlandish as the stubbornness of the unvaccinated may be, after a while bugbears are not so scary.

However, the prospect of ending up in a hospital ICU is indeed frightening.

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