As of yesterday Joe Biden is offially the President of the United States.

He is entering the Oval Office with his staff at a historic moment both for his country and the world.

Let us begin with the US.

The previous administration has left America divided, battered by the pandemic, and up in the air as regards its role on the international chessboard.

However, he US remains a superpower with accumulated experience and entrenched democracy.

Mr. Biden is called upon to achieve a total comeback.

That must be done on the international level where on an ever more complex planet the US must regain its prestige as a force of stability and power.

A revival must also occur on the national level. The bolstering of institutions and tackling inequality will combat every argument of a departing but still existent populism.

Aside from these objectives, the incoming president faces the challenge of guaranteeing that the US will once again be a leadιng force and frontrunner in the global economy.

He must break the shackles of isolationism and fashion a global plan, in cooperation with the entire Western world, that can stem the recession and make America the motive force of a social contract that will sweep aside all types of irrational voices.

These objectives must be pursued urgently in the aftermath of the irrational scenes one witnessed recently at the US Capitol, which reminded us of the fragility of the current situation and of the power of democracy.