Today’s meeting of the National Council on Foreign Policy demonstrates that the ruling party and opposition parties have realised that there is no room for partisan skirmishes when it comes to issues of national import.

The fact that the foreign minister convened the Council indicates that the government wanted to brief the other parties instead of engaging in secret diplomacy and to bring them into the process of shaping the national position on crucial matters.

That presupposes a national consensus and it seems that it is being achieved due to the maturity displayed by the political system.

A national consensus means that the government will avoid startling the opposition with its moves and for that reason the opposition will support the government.

Consensus is crucial especially now that national issues (such as Greek-Turkish relations) are at a critical juncture.

Right now there must be delicate diplomatic manoeuvres abroad and a solid front domestically.

The same kind of political understanding between parties is needed in order to manage other major challenges such as jump-starting the economy and the refugee crisis.

On these issues there cannot be a sole national line but it is possible to achieve a mutually acceptable basis of discussion and a common understanding.

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