How normal is it for a taxpayer, any taxpayer, to pay five taxes and insurance contributions in less than one month?
What does this abnormal five-fold taxation indicate about the course of the economy, when it concerns not one or two, but one million taxpayers?
What is worse, these taxpayers are freelance professionals. They belong to professional classes that are vital for the course of the economy.
These professional classes, under the current taxation regime, which has turned into a taxation pogrom, have reached the point of working professionally only to pay all their income to the state.
One would hope that this is not the kind of normalcy that the prime minister had in mind, when he heralded a return to normalcy.
Unfortunately, it seems that the perception of the government – and its domestic and foreign supporters – regarding post-memorandum normalcy is exactly that: brutal taxation for the sake of accruing primary surpluses that will choke both citizens and the economy.
It is perfectly clear that for taxpayers, the bailout memorandum will not end in August.
Post-bailout normalcy is an endless memorandum. Talk about a more or less clean exit is a non-issue.

Citizens are being asked, until their final annihilation, to shoulder the huge burden, for which the exclusive responsibility belongs to the current government and its various supporters.