FYROM’s parliament ratified the naming accord with Greece today, following the Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs approved the draft law regarding ratification yesterday.

In the vote, 69 MPs ratified the agreement, while main opposition VMRO MPs abstained.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, who presented the agreement to the committee, described the signing of the accord as an “act of duty and patriotism”, asserting that these are “historic days” for the country.

Dimitrov said that the government’s new policy of responsibility and transparency are leading the country to transparency, greater stability, and security.

The resolution of the dispute with Greece is a compromise “in which we and our Greek friends attempted to preserve what is important for all of us”, FYROM’s foreign minister said.

Dimitrov maintained that the decision to resolve the issue was taken without pressure from Western powers.

He said that today’s vote represents the sacrifice of mythology to the benefit of reality.

The main opposition VMRO vehemently opposes the agreement and organised a protest outside of parliament, to coincide with the ratification vote.