Until recently, the government attempted to manipulate the judiciary, as the Association of Judges and Prosecutors has in the past charged.

It seems, however, that this is no longer enough, in the context of the government’s confessed ambition to gather all power in its hands.

Hence, they reached the point of supplanting the judiciary, issuing their own irrevocable rulings in cases still under investigation by judicial authorities.

Until now, the government was attempting to transform the judiciary into a government organ. Now, it is not even interested in appearances.

It has transformed itself into judge and jury, pushing the country years back, and sending an exceptionally ominous message for the future to all citizens not to the government’s liking.

What will be the next step? Will it be the execution of the “guilty rulings”, an execution as arbitrary as the decision itself? That remains to be seen.

Manufacturing guilty parties is an undemocratic practice, used by authoritarian regimes, which have no place in 21st century Greece.

The loss of all sense of measure in conducting politics, and political hooliganism, likewise, have no place in our country today.

This is a matter of dignity. It is impermissible for a government to issue hooligan-style announcements, as if it were the last politico in televised clashes.

Both in its behaviour and its rhetoric, the government has a duty to guard its institutional role.