The Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, has said that four names are on the table in talks with Athens, and he questioned whether there is a “real need” for the constitutional revision demanded by Greece in order to eradicate irredentist references.

“The suggestions are Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Upper Macedonia, Republic of Vardar Macedonia and Republic of Macedonia (Skopje),” Zaev told Reuters, following a Western Balkans summit in London.

That would appear to leave three names of the table, as Athens has already rejected the name “Republic of Macedonia (Skopje) out of hand.

The four names are among the five tabled by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz.

Zaev left out the fifth name, which was – Republika Nova Makedonija/ Republic of New Macedonia, possibly because he has not been receptive to a transliteration from the original Slavic rendition of the name.

Zaev said that Greece is more receptive to some of the options than others.

As for the prospect of amending his country’s constitution, which he has firmly ruled out in recent statements, Zaev appeared a bit less adamant in his remarks to Reuters.

“He said the question that remained was whether there was “a real need” to change Macedonia’s constitution,” the wire quoted him as saying, suggesting that the Greek demand remains a topic of discussion.

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